Sunday, 19 December 2010


Sorry I haven't updated in well over a month to my few readers I have.
I just quit my job for some pretty serious personal reasons and I'm kind of putzing around right now. I'm going to try to keep more on top of things... Maybe.
Well I'll try.
Going to Germany for Christmas so I hope everyone has a happy holidays.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Your Welcome

Dear America

I've noticed you've been having some money problems recently, so I went ahead and solved your budget for you.

It was no trouble. Your welcome.

I feel a little bad about cutting farm subsidies, especially since that will affect how cheap food is, but most subsidies are going into corn, which is something that doesn't really need to be produced. Or big corporation food operations, which also, really doesn't need the money. Really guys, grow fruit or organic something or other.

Most of the cuts are in Military spending, because a lot of that crap you guys don't really need. But I made a point not to touch anything that helps the troupes after they're out. They work hard and could die for that job, they deserve their pensions.

Everything else is basically "Get rid of what Bush did to taxes and return it all to Clinton Era" and that pretty much made the whole thing balance itself.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

30 days of Meme: Day 1-Hate

Blogging a meme, 30 days, 30 questions, 30 truths you have to kind of figure out for yourself. I'm trying not to look ahead in the days and pre-plan my answers, just going to blog them as they come.


Day 1: Something you hate about yourself

Uhh this one is hard to answer because I'm pretty sure it's sad and not what they're asking for if I say "Everything"

I'm not terribly fond of myself, I don't like how I talk, I don't like that I'm dumb, I don't like that I'm short, fat, loud, nerdy.

In fact I'd wager to say I hate every single trait I have. Even the things about myself I kind of like, I don't really because they're not GOOD enough, just some half assed ability that I've never bothered to nourish to full potential... And I hate that too.

It's one of the things that makes me take things people say to me so personally, or at least what they say when they say something mean. Because when someone says something mean it validates my hate but really you're almost wasting your breath trying to say something nice because really, I won't believe you anyway.

No, no I'm not looking for some pitying statements or fishing for a compliment, in fact if I could turn off comments for this I would... (screw you facebook aaaggghh)

It's just a statement of facts, I hate myself, I've probably always hated myself and its taken me a long time to just be okay with the fact that I do, and partially get over it and become even moderately okay with being myself.

I might not ever like anything about me, but I'm kind of stuck with myself so I should at least get used to it.


Really Stephen Harper?


You'll get more details with the link but basically Harper is trying to push forward a bill that makes it legal for anyone who feels like it to speak out against a group, refuse services to a group and in general treat them like second class citizens because of who they are.

Specifically this "Defense of Religion" bull er I mean Bill is targeting two groups. Homophobes and Homosexuals, the homophobes now, at any point in their day, being able to refuse homosexuals whatever they want.
Don't wanna teach today? Call a student in your class a fag and spend the whole class telling them they're going to hell.
Don't feel like defending the peace? Oh just refuse to help because that person is queer and you don't want to deal with it.
What's that Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protecting people from hate speech? This isn't "Hate Speech" no matter what they may be saying, so long as they tag "My religion says" before they say "We should kill all the homo's" it's still okay right? Right?

While the bill may be targeting homosexuals specifically it has to be worded vaugely enough that actually it covers everything? Don't like blacks? Other religions? how someone is dressed? WELL THEY'RE OFFENDING YOUR RELIGION, and now you don't have to deal with them.

This bill isn't defending religion, religion in Canada doesn't need defending. Having freedom of religion is having the right to gather and pray to your God, Goddess or intergalactic space lord. Not the freedom to try and harm or verbally attack other people just because your religion may (or even may not) think they're yucky.
That's Discrimination

And writing a bill that gives one group a free pass to discriminate is never going to fly. Stephen Harper, you should be ashamed of this bill and your attempt to sew the seeds of hate in Canada. I hope this comes back to bite you in the ass.

Monday, 11 October 2010

The REAL dangers of teen sex

Teens having sex.
I've heard that something like 50% of all teens, male and female lose their virginity sometime between 15-19 years old.
There's really nothing we can do to stop kids from doing it. Just give them the facts and hope the worst they walk away with is a broken heart.


Well apparently in some states that's not the case, and it's a frightening warning to anyone with teenage children of their own, or is reading this and is a teen themselves.

Sex when you are under 18, could either ruin your life, or the life of your partner.

No I'm not talking about STD/STI's or even pregnancy.
Both of which could affect you for the rest of your life, but I'm talking about something you wouldn't even think of since you are entering a consensual relationship with a peer.

I'm talking about real, serious and forever damning jail time and being marked as a sex offender for the rest of your life, simply by expressing yourself sexually when you're under 18.

Being a child sex offender has some of the worst punishments facing you. It restricts what jobs you can take, where you can live, what you can do with your free time, your ability to travel, vote, even how and if you are permitted to participate in regular holiday festivities is marked by your name and charged being available for anyone to see at any point.

It's kind of scary in an almost interesting way at how fucked up this can be.

What do I mean by warning teens of this? Well…

If you are older then your boyfriend or girlfriend, by any margin, a day, a month, a year. In some states even if you're both the exact same age, you may find yourself a sex offender and charged with rape of a child.

Even writing dirty messages to your boyfriend or girlfriend you can get an obscenity charge, talking dirty? Same deal. Leaving you with life on a sex offender registry.

Don't think this can be true?

In 2004, a 15 year old Pittsburgh girl was arrested for Child Pornography and Child Abuse.
For taking photos of herself.

In 2007 a 5 year old in Maryland was charged with sexual harassment for pinching a classmate on the butt.

That same year in Denver two 5 year old's were charged for kissing each other in school.
Fortunately those charges were dropped with the district attorney calling the charge itself a crime.

In 2009, a 13 year old girl in Iowa sent three boys (13, 14 and 15) a topless image of herself. All three boys and the girl are now on the registry for Child Pornography.

Also three girls ages 14-15 sent some nude pictures of themselves to their boyfriends (16-17) via camera phone. The girls are charged with Child Pornography and Distribution. The boys with possession. All will be sex offenders for life.

Just think about the movie "Twilight" Bella herself could have been facing Child Abuse or Rape charges if she had started a relationship with Jacob. (Especially considering how often *HE* was topless in that movie, I hear later in the book he sexually assaults her. She could be the one facing life on a sexual offenders list if she consented to his advances.)

And don't even think you, as parents if you are, are safe from these charges either.

Just Telling your kids about sex, if done the "Wrong Way" can be illegal. (I mean just telling. No visuals, just descriptions that are detailed enough to embarrass you child.) In 2007 and Wisconsin Mom was taken to court for giving her children a little TMI in regards to sex.

Trying to have a responsible teen and buy them condoms or take them to the doctor for birth control? Well that could get you arrested too.

I realize we need to protect children from predators. But punishing victims, making crime where there is none, making the law so harsh that innocents are harmed for life? It's time for maybe the laws to change and get a touch more specific.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I'm not your punching bag, emotional canvass or possession.

Violence against women is so normal. We don't even realize we've been violated.

One in three women in the world are abused, either physically or sexually in their life.

One in three.

Just think of your own family, Your Mother, Your Sister, Your Grandmother. One of them has been, in some way harmed. Maybe even all of them. I've been physically abused, maybe even you have too. We blame the women, (Oh she deserved it) We play it down, (Oh it was just a little smack, no big) we dismiss it as not having happened (Oh there we no bruises so it doesn't count, oh it wasn't sexual it doesn't count)

One in three. It's disgusting that this level of violence is so prevalent in life, in the world, in every shadow and walk of life that it's not even an epidemic, not something new, almost dauntingly unchangeable but it is nothing more then a fact of life.

You have a vagina? The universe is organized to punish you for that mistake. Women in areas are stripped of ever right you can imagine, treated not even as property (as something you own is usually respected because hey, it's yours) but as less then garbage, as something not even worthy to be existing in the same space as you. It is sin to be born a woman, it is wrong to have woman parts, we are naturally evil and wrong and inherently bad and unequal even though we make up 50% of the population somehow we're the minority and unwanted, unneeded, unacceptable.

I'm one of these women.

And I'm really fucking sick of it.

It's not even men that are doing this. Violence against women by women is even greater, stronger and more vicious than that of men. Mother in laws punishing their daughter in laws. Mothers teaching their girl-children their place in the world, women slut-shaming and propagating myths about themselves and putting restrictions on their own sexuality and self expression.

We are our own worst enemy most of the time.

We are not a minority, we are a people. We are One. We are Beautiful, We are Perfect.

I have a Vagina and fucked if I'm going to be ashamed or made ashamed of it. It doesn't need to be trimmed, teased, tucked, plucked, shaved, scented, primped or bejewelled.
It doesn't need to be pricked, cut, beat, hid, bashed or belittled.


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Read a Book Day; 9/11

Not going to link it but I'm sure you've all heard about the dumb fucks who think the best way to honor the memory of those who were killed by terrorists on 9/11 is to make it so American Soldiers will NEVER return home alive.
By insulting every Muslim on the face of the planet and proving that America REALLY IS someplace that doesn't really deserve to exist.

I'm not going to get into how dumb this is, or point out how Muslims also died at the trade center trying to SAVE people in it, so this isn't honoring the victims but pissing on their ashes.

I'm not going to get into how offensive it is to burn a book or to attack an entire religion as an expression of freedom.

Nor will I evoke Godwin's Law here, although in this case the parallels are getting disturbingly close.

Nor will I even talk about my idea of retaliation, which involved burning Bibles.

Instead I will let These guys tell you about it all. And hope that maybe the news will dignify this whole thing, by ignoring the attention seekers who are trying to do it.

This is not Boobquake, this is not Draw Muhammad day, this is not an expression of freedom, of frustration, of daring.
This is hate.

Pure, ignorant, hate.

So lets ignore the kid with the dunce cap in the corner and read a book instead.